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Dentek is a comprehensive computer program designed in close association with clinical dental technicians and the The Clinical Dental Technicians Association.

  • Easy to use customer management and quoting system designed for the British CDT's
  • Dentek has now been in development since 2000 and is up to date with all the latest requirements
  • With the network edition all the computers in the practice can access the customer records
  • Dentek is a stand alone product and needs no other software to run.

Our job is to make your job as productive as possible.

software for clinical dental technicians

Dentek at work
Dentek has been engineered to be the premier computer program for recording customer details, including medical and dental history, observations and tooth charts. The technician is lead through simple comprehensive questions that can then be used to generate printed documentation for long-term record keeping or customer information. This information is then also available to the technician with only a few clicks of the mouse.

Dentek as a sales tool
The comprehensive quoting system is designed to lead the customer to a point where the sale is ready to be closed.

Dentek aims to promote an efficient and smooth running practice
Although the comprehensive diary has been designed with the dental technician in mind, it can also be used as a general diary as well as a prompt to chase up outstanding quotes, unfinished jobs or yearly checkups.

Customer confidentiality
Dentek has been designed with high levels of confidentiality in mind. The program is only accessible through a system of user name and password, this enables different users to be excluded from certain areas of the program, for example a secretary can be prohibited from accessing confidential customer information.

Personalising Dentek
Dentek has been designed to enable each practice to personalise the printed information so that the company image can be maintained.

Dentek for the efficient technician